Welcome to Minimal-Clock’s documentation!

screenshot of the clockface

Minimal-Clock is a clockface for the Fitbit Versa Smart Watch.

It is available from the Fitbit App Gallery (You will need to visit the App Gallery link with your Smartphone for it to work).

This provides a minimalistic clock face for the Fitbit Versa that displays the following things:

  • time/date/weekday
  • color-coded step count (red: <50% of daily goal, yellow: >50% but <100%, green: ≥100%)
  • color-coded heart rate (greenish: normal HR, yellow: fat-burn, red: cardio/peak)
  • the local weather with temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit as grabbed from Yahoo Weather every 30 minutes.
  • the battery level as a horizontal grey line on top of the display